Phenotypic heterogeneity and population dynamics in biofilms

Individual bacterial cells cooperate by secreting products that are beneficial for the community, but costly to produce. It has been shown that cooperation is critical for microbial communities, most notably in biofilms, however the degree of cooperation strongly depends on the culturing conditions. The heterogeneity of biofilm matrix production will be examined in the presence of non-producer population. Experimental evolution will be used to understand the solutions bacterial cells use to adjust the production of matrix production in mixed communities.
Contact details:
Dr. Ákos T. Kovács
Head of Junior Research Group Terrestrial Biofilms
Institute of Microbiology
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Neugasse 23
D-07743 Jena
Tel.: +49-(0)3641 9 49980
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  • Marivic Martin (Doctoral student, funded by SPP1617)